As a Toronto urbanite who grew up on a farm in rural Ontario, and who identifies with both city and country life, I became aware, in March 2013, of a battle that rural residents of Ontario had been waging for over five years against the scourge of towering industrial wind factories that have been forced on them by the Ontario Liberal government.

I have no political affiliation or axe to grind. I expect government, no matter which political party is heading it, to work in the best interests and welfare of the people it is mandated to serve. I believe it has done the opposite with respect to the Ontario Green Energy Act and the implementation of its green energy policies as they relate to wind power.

The wind power of today is a proven economic shell game, a dangerous health hazard for people, lethal for birds and bats, and a destructive blight on the beautiful Ontario landscape. The government appears to know this but persists nonetheless in enabling mega energy companies only too happy to take advantage of the Green Energy Act’s special protections, hugely lucrative taxpayer-funded government subsidies and unprecedented, legislated infringements on the democratic rights of municipalities and their residents.

FAUXGREEN examines this upside down, Orwellian world and the global machinations at work behind it.

Except where indicated, all opinions, photos, illustrations, and videos are mine alone.


In trying to understand what was driving not only Ontario’s, but the West’s insane green energy policies, we discovered the source – the UN and its Sustainable Development “programme of action” designed to engineer unelected, unaccountable global governance and all that goes with it. It’s now December 2018. A new Ontario government has repealed (not perfectly) the odious Green Energy Act. The current Government of Canada is set to impose a “carbon” tax, a tax on thin air. The battle between reason and green (globalist) ideology continues.

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  1. Jessica says :

    Thank you for your work, it is much appreciated. Would love to meet and chat. I can be found at http://www.operationpushback.ca if you are interested.

  2. E.A. says :

    Good work in general, but using climate denial as a ruse to fight wind turbines is not helping this cause. It just makes you look unscientific. Man is causing many environmental problems simultaneously, most of which are exacerbated by population growth. Wind turbines are just the latest (and tallest) example of industrial blight, driven by a mindset that saw huge cars with tail-fins as a measure of progress.

    There’s no assurance that an oil, gas & coal economy can be sustained with renewable energy sources unless the population is much lower and global heavy transport ends (batteries won’t cut it). In other words, the scale of humanity is already too large. People don’t want to admit it because they’re stuck on economic growthism as a way of life. They can’t handle the concept of a finite Earth when the math is laid out in front of them.

    • FauxGreen says :

      Suggest you do some reading:
      – Watermelons: How environmentalists are killing the planet, destroying the economy and stealing your children’s future, by James Delingpole (Brit – very readable, with dark humour)

      – The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science, by Tim Ball, PhD (Canadian scientist who knows the history of the Canadian Maurice Strong angle, one of the main perpetrators of this mess)

      –  The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert, by Donna Laframboise (Canadian journalist) – “The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) writes a report informally known as the Climate Bible. Cited by governments around the world, that report is the primary reason we all believe carbon dioxide emissions are dangerous. For years, the public was told the IPCC is an eminent, gold-standard organization comprised of the world’s top scientists and best experts. In fact, it is an unprofessional, scandal-plagued entity led by people with impaired judgment. We need to stop taking it seriously.”

  3. lesley hull says :

    How wonderful to hear someone making such good sense – I’m sick to death of all the propagandizing in ever form of media. This all just agenda 21 trying to run every moment of our lives and tax us at every turn. Lesley May 6 2015

  4. FauxGreen says :

    NA-PAW: thank you!

  5. Sherri Lange says :

    Excellent reply. The two again, are inextricably linked. One grew out of the other. The fear of “weather” man made GLOBAL WARMING, GOSH GET OVER THAT ONE, has given rise to policy that promotes this useless greedy endeavor, that truly, I doubt we will recover from for many hundreds of years. Seriously. The two are linked. New book coming: called: Get Over It! The biggest scam ever known.

    • Scott MacKay says :

      In Canada man made climate change has now been accepted as fact in court. This now makes man made climate change fact under the law in Canada. Please stop making false and misleading posts that are now a crime in Canada under #181 of the Canadian Criminal Code. Justice Rennie wrote that environmental protection is legitimate whether or not it affects markets under provincial jurisdiction.

      “The environment and economy are intimately connected,” he wrote. “Indeed, it is practically impossible to disassociate the two.

      “The existence of the economic incentives and government investments … do not detract from the dominant purpose of what the [rules] do and why they do it.”

      The court also noted Syncrude’s admission that greenhouse gases contribute to climate change was inconsistent with its argument those gases couldn’t be regulated through criminal law.

      “Syncrude’s position is problematic,” Justice Rennie wrote.

      • FauxGreen says :

        Well, sometimes the law is an ass. Manmade climate change not a fact, still only a hypothesis remaining to be proven, and is certainly not a scientific theory, much less a scientific law. See the distinctions between scientific fact/hypothesis/theory/law here – http://lifehacker.com/the-difference-between-a-fact-hypothesis-theory-and-1732904200

        As for section 181 of the Canadian Criminal Code, it remains to be seen who is actually guilty of spreading news they know to be false when it comes to manmade climate change alarmism and the demonization of the harmless trace gas plant food, carbon dioxide.

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