Kafkaesque: Opposing an industrial wind turbine project in Ontario


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Take a look at what happens when Ontarians try to oppose an industrial wind turbine project.

Laws, regulations, and processes seem to have eliminated every conceivable obstacle for the mad rush of the (economically useless, environmentally destructive) wind industrialization of rural Ontario. At the same time they effectively, undemocratically block wind project opponents at every turn. The Ontario Green Energy Act (GEA) and its quasi-judicial complaints department, the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) pitch opponents headlong into a Kafkaesque nightmare.

An example:

  1. The government gives the Proponent permission to undertake an industrial wind turbine construction project, which includes granting a special environmental permit that allows the Proponent to kill, harm, and harass a Victim or two.
  2. Locals launch an appeal on the grounds that the project would, amongst other troublesome consequences, cause serious and irreversible harm to the Victims.
  3. The appeal is heard by a Tribunal, which issues a very rare decision favouring the Victims, finding that the Proponent’s project will indeed cause serious and irreversible harm to two classes of Victims.
  4. The Tribunal orders a further hearing to consider the Proponent’s proposed mitigations of this serious and irreversible harm.
  5. In the meantime, however, the Proponent is legally entitled (and signals the intention) to go ahead and begin the project site pre-construction work, and in the process kill, harm, and harass Victims, without first having to table mitigation plans at the next Tribunal hearing (see 4 above).
  6. Lawyers for the Victims file a motion to have the Tribunal issue a stay of the Proponent’s pre-construction on-site activity associated with the special permit to kill, harm, and harass.
  7. The Tribunal dismisses the Victims’ motion, with reasons for its decision to be given at a later time.
  8. Lawyers for the Victims then appeal to a Divisional Court with a motion for a stay.
  9. The Divisional Court also dismisses the appeal because the Victims’ lawyers, through no fault of their own, are unable to establish specific grounds for said appeal, given that they are in the dark about the reasons for the Tribunal’s dismissal of the motion (see 7 above).
  10. The Victims’ lawyers are entitled to renew their Divisional Court motion (see 8 above), if and when they ever receive the reasons for the Tribunal’s dismissal decision (see 7 above).
  11. Meanwhile, the circle is complete, with the Proponent apparently free to go ahead and kill, harm, and harass the Victims, even though there is to be a future Tribunal hearing (see 4 above) at which the Proponent is supposed to make proposals for mitigating the killing, harming, and harassing that probably will already have taken place by then.

That is the saga thus far with respect to the battle between the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County and the wind energy company wpd Canada Corporation.

The ERT appears to be nothing more than a Kafkaesque-Potemkin-kangaroo-emperor-with-no-clothes court.

The GEA and its companion, the ERT have allowed wind energy companies, eager to cash in on the Ontario Liberal government’s 20-year-guaranteed, above-market returns, to ride roughshod over democratic rights of people and municipalities. The kleptocratic subsidy scheme is footed by the taxpayers, and consumers’ electricity charges triple as a result.

Wind project opponents are spending inordinate amounts of time and money to fight a losing battle, the contest rigged from the start. For wind project opponents, the ERT appears to be nothing more than a Kafkaesque-Potemkin-kangaroo-emperor-with-no-clothes court.

The ERT gives people the illusion of offering democratic equality and justice before the law. In reality, it forces them to accept the industrialization of rural Ontario against their will, while depleting their wallets and spirit.

What’s at play here is just one aspect of the insidious implementation of the UN’s one-world-government Agenda 21, a blueprint for an anti-prosperity, anti-democratic sustainable development and wealth transfer movement. It uses the cudgel of the massive scientific deception of manmade climate change to clobber and guilt people into phony-green-energy submission. It has them running in circles, looking in vain for democracy and laws to protect their rights.


APRIL 4, 2016 – Wind developer wpd Canada Corporation indeed started clearing trees in preparation for wind turbine construction, despite the fact that the entire project was under appeal.

This work began in areas known to be habitat for the endangered Blandings Turtle; the power developer is continuing even though there are reports that milder weather has resulted in the turtles emerging early from their winter hibernation, and are at great risk.


Vegetation cleared in Prince Edward County Blanding’s Turtle wetland area, while the White Pines project was and still is under appeal. [Photo: APPEC]

APRIL 6, 2016 – A hearing on a motion for a stay in the Court of Appeal for Ontario did not quite go as planned. As is the case in any ERT or court proceedings brought on by wind project opponents, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change deployed its lawyers to fight on behalf of the wind developer, in opposition to the people, who not only must pay their own lawyers, but, as taxpayers, also foot the bill for the Ministry’s lawyers!

…Sylvia Davis, lawyer for the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, cited a ruling from over fifty years ago that only a panel of three judges could hear an appeal of this nature. 

It became clear at that point that the motion would not be heard until after the legal matter of whether this was properly before the court had been dealt with, with a potentially unfavourable decision. 

Rather than spend considerable time and money on legal wrangling the decision was made to withdraw our motion for a stay on all physical activity at the White Pines project site.  The motion was withdrawn on consent of all parties and without costs.

We will immediately be going to the Tribunal to once again request a stay.

APRIL 8, 2016 – And then, mirabile dictu, the ERT granted a temporary stay!

Late this afternoon the Environmental Review Tribunal granted a temporary stay of WPD’s Renewable Energy Approval (REA).  As a result of the stay all construction work at the project site has been brought to a halt.  The Tribunal will schedule a written hearing at a later date to decide on the merits of a more permanent stay.

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5 responses to “Kafkaesque: Opposing an industrial wind turbine project in Ontario”

  1. pattikellar says :

    Reblogged this on Patti Kellar and commented:
    This is an excellent summary of the corrupt system faced by rural Ontario residents who try to play by this government’s rules with respect to Industrial Wind Turbines, resulting in being screwed once again by this Ontario Liberal Government. When you consider we are ALL paying for these lawyers, it isn’t hard to see who has the secured the green energy jobs.

  2. Cold Air says :

    Reblogged this on Colder Air and commented:
    I found this a necessary read all the way through the penultimate paragraph.
    If there is a way to conclude that the government, and courts, intend to allow intelligent opposition legally, I hope somebody notes it.
    In the absence of that, this is a pretty good motivator for outlaw strategies of opposition.

  3. Jim Wiegand - Wildlife Biologist says :

    For me being an expert, it is very apparent that the wind industry creates whatever paperwork is needed to secure profits. They also contribute heavily to conservation groups and silence them with nondisclosure agreements. As a result the public has not a clue about the true impacts from wind energy to wildlife.
    I have wanted to give testimony at several Tribunal hearings in Canada so I could expose or humiliate the fake experts along the wind industry’s fraudulent research. But for some strange reason (inside fix?) the parties fighting these projects have not let this happen.

    Here are some facts about wind energy :

    – Every wind farm in North America was approved and continues to operate because of fraudulent research and government collusion.

    – At every one of these operating sites endangered species will or most likely are being killed.In Hawaii where endangered species are routinely being killed by turbines, the true numbers of these struggling species being slaughtered is being hidden with fraudulent research.

    -Individual wind turbines operating at locations of high quality habitat
    are killing over 1000-1500 birds and bats a year.

    – Worst or poorly sited are conservation group buzz words that actually mean that these
    wind energy locations are slaughtering massive numbers of highly protected

    – Across the world fraudulent research and government collusion are hiding well over 90% of the wind energy slaughter taking place.

    – The last scientific wind turbine mortality study conducted for the wind industry (that was not not rigged) was over 30 years ago by an ethical ornithologist named Michael D. McCrary. In marginal bird habitat he estimated the turbine mortality to birds at 34.5 fatalities per MW, a rate more than 12 times what the industry is currently reporting.

    – With approximately 2500 eagle carcasses being added each year, the total of
    unaccounted for bald and golden eagle carcasses secretly shipped to the Denver Eagle Repository is now over 33,000 since 1997.

    -Extinction of species is neither green nor renewable but in this corrupt world
    it is very profitable.

    – Currently wind energy projects do not have to account for energy flowing into projects and the actual net energy output from wind projects is not really known. With this suspiciously convenient loophole, it is my belief that wind farm energy estimates are highly exaggerated and tax dollars are unjustly being unjustly handed out as credits.

    – Corrupt politicians from all parties, are using your tax dollars to fund this fraudulent activity and industrial slaughter.

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