Ridiculous, apocalyptic scaremongering by Canadian Green Party leader


Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May (photo by ItzaFineDay used under CC BY/crop, colour adjust from original)

In a discussion about pipelines and energy policy on the CBC’s radio program The House yesterday, Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada, spoke of a horror so freaking unspeakable that Canadians haven’t even been told about it yet, so gut-wrenchingly gruesome that she did not want to describe it, so certain-end-of-life doomsday that she couldn’t “go there”:

Energy security for Canada in the context of reducing greenhouse gases….the International Energy Agency has said – and this is very important to know – they have said that of all the fossils fuels we know about, two-thirds of them must remain in the ground ’til at least 2050.

In other words, if we want to avoid levels of climate change and climate crisis that exceed anything that Canadians have been told about yet, that become so disruptive to our economy, disruptive to our lifestyles, we don’t want to describe it because we don’t want to go there.

To avoid those levels of catastrophic, destabilizing climate crisis, two-thirds of all known reserves of fossil fuels of all kinds must remain in the ground ’til at least mid-century.

Needless to say, the premise for Elizabeth May’s baseless, dire warning went, as usual, unchallenged by the CBC, in this case by guest-host Terry Milewski, because it would appear that at our national broadcaster, as with most other mainstream media, the fiction of man-made, CO2-caused climate change (now climate crisis, formerly known as global warming) is accepted as an indisputable, scientific fact. Listen here, at approximately the 11:00 mark.

In case you are not up to speed on the facts of global warming/climate change/climate crisis, check out the following:

As of today, there has been no global warming for 17 years and ten months.

You can verify this yourself: carbon dioxide or CO2, a greenhouse gas, has not been proven to cause global warming, because interestingly, during those 17 years and 10 months with no warming, CO2 levels did rise. Another salient point is that when there was some warming before it stopped more than 17 years ago, CO2 levels were found to have risen AFTER the warming, not before. Ergo, CO2 cannot be, or have been, or will be the cause of any global warming in the past or in Elizabeth May’s doom-laden future.

Of course, as Elizabeth May and the CBC and the International Energy Agency (and Wynne/McGuinty and Suzuki and Gore and Obama, et alia) should know, but maybe they don’t, CO2 is not a pollutant. It’s a harmless trace gas that is essential to life on earth as plant food, constituting a mere .038% of the atmosphere.

The demonization of CO2, and everything that follows from that great, deliberate deception, will continue as long as people remain willfully ignorant, or blind, or biased, or corrupt, or just plain evil.

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One response to “Ridiculous, apocalyptic scaremongering by Canadian Green Party leader”

  1. Ewa Jarmicka says :

    After going to the trouble of reading every word I realized the writer left no ID. Since they don’t stand up for their thoughts, I see no reason to acknowledge them.

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